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Brianna Starr and Miss Dixie VS Dakota and Mini-D in a tag match April 22nd.

Dakota had said she was not gonna Wrestle today, but I called her out so she could just watch what we did to her partner.

After Dixie and Mini-D had went at it for a while I got the tag, then i had some friends came make sure Dakota got in the ring for a butt kicking.

The boy's Naughty By Nature and Southern Pride.

After being made to get into the ring, she finally decide to wrestle. Here i am giving her a shoulder tackle.

After the shoulder tackle, here I am up in the air coming down with a legdrop.

Just hit the legdrop on Dakota.

Here Dakota and Mini-D double team Dixie.

Still double teaming on Dixie I'm trying to get in to help but the ref won't let me.

After they would not stop the double teaming I went around and pulled Dakota off the ring to even the score a little.

Here I introduce Dakota to the corner post.

Dakota hit's the floor after hitting the turnbuckle.

After we finally got back into the I hit the Starr Drop on Dakota.

Here i am getting the pin, after hitting the Starr Drop.

Here is Mini-D is on the floor after Dixie got thru with her.

Here is your tag team winner's.