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WOWF show in Dyersburg TN on March 24th

Here I am waiting for Dakota to finally get into the ring

Here I have Dakota on the mat with a Armbar.

Dakota tried giving me a Bodyslam, but I had the armber still applied so she had no where to go but DOWN.

Always the cheater, Dakota looking for a chain.

After Dakota could not get the pin, Ricky Murdock of the New Texas Outlaws camer out to attack me. .

Murdock hitting me over and over again. .

Murdock throwing me into the rope's. .

murdock come's in for a BIG elbow in the corner.

After the elbow, Murdock along with Dakota start kicking me.

From the back The Top Gunz, Ricky Hayes and Jonnie Gunn come out to help me.

Because of every thing that happened this night, the following week there was to be a 6 Person tag match with me and the Top Gunz against Dakota and the NTO.