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Battle Royal

Here are some pictures from the Battle Royal to crown the MSWA Women's Title.

Here I am taking the fight to Auburn(now know as Mini-D).

Pulling Dakota's hair as she tries to walk away.

Trying to throw Dakota over the top rope.

Still trying to throw her over the top.

Dakota getting pin 1.2.3...bye Dakota.

Venom and myself go for a double clothesline on Auburn.

Murdock pulls Auburn over the top after we miss with the clothesline.

Dakota tries to handcuff me to the ropes.

But Dakota is the one who gets handcuffed

Venom never knew what hit her.

Bye Bye Venom. Dixie and myself throw Venom over the top rope.

The last two in the ring, but my favorite thing about this picture is that Dakota is handcuffed and not in the match anymore.

here I am bodyslamming Dixie

I was going in for the Falling Starr Splash when Dakota pulled the ref into the way. The ref and Dixie go down.

Dakota hitting me with a chain

Here I am getting chokeslammed

At the end of the match I walked out with the Belt.