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Already trying to cheat, the ref finds a chain in Dakota's knee pad. the ref send's Mini-D and the chain to the back.

Here I am giving Dakota a hand back into the ring.

Here is another picture of Dakota getting into the ring the HARD way.

Here I am getting the TDF (chokeslam)

Even after the TDF Dakota knew I would use everything I had left to kick out so she puts her feet on the ropes.

Pokerface comes out to tell the ref that Dakota cheated by putting her feet on the hopes.

Pokerface is explaining to the ref what happen, the ref finally restarts the match.

After the ref restarted the match I hit the Starr Drop on Dakota.

Here I am getting the 1.2.3....after hitting the Starr Drop.

Page 2 from the show on April 8th in Dresden.