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Dresden April 8th page 2

I just regained my belt, Poker comes in to make sure I'm OK.

I'm still the champion as Pokerface helps start the celebration.

Here Pokerface starts to sing as the fan's and myself join in.

Dakota knows her career in the MSWA is over so she starts to throw a fit in the ring.

Still she is upset that I pinned her shoulder's down.

After I agreed to 5 more minutes with her, as I was getting into the ring she cut me off and went for a clothesline, but I ducked it.

After ducking the clothesline, I nailed Dakota with a hard forearm shot.

Forearm after forearm, Dakota was left it a world of hurt.

The ref backed me off of Dakota. While I was agruing with him, Mini D hands Dakota a chain.

Look at the hand behind Dakota's back, she has a chain wrapped around it.

Here I am getting nailed with the chain.

Here Dakota drops the chain down her shirt.

Here I'm asking the commissioner why Dakota was not DQed for using the chain. He explains its cause it was ANYTHING GOES.

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Page 1 from the show on April 8th in Dresden.