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Name : Brianna Starr
Birthday : June 5,1976
Age : 23
Height: 5’9”
From : Tennessee
Years pro: 1
Trained by: Buddy Wayne, Vicious Vickie, Greg, and Rude (of Naughty By Nature)
Wrestling Debut: MSWA in Gibson, TN April '99
Promotions Worked For (current and past) :

MSWA in Gibson TN (current), NWA Midsouth/WOWF in Dyersburg, TN (current), National Wrestling Federation in Arkansas (current), plus a few house shows for Power Pro Wrestling.

Career Highlights: Winning the MSWA Battle Royal to Crown the 1st ever Women’s Champion on March 5th, 2000

Title(s): MSWA Women's Champion (current champion)

Starr Drop (DDT)
Falling Starr Splash

When the Starr Start’s To Shine......It’s Butt Kicking Time.......

Currently I'm the holder of the MSWA Women’s title, which means every female wrestler is gunning for me. The biggest and toughest of them all is Dakota. Dakota has been a thorn in myside since our partnership as a tag team ended last year, when Dakota turned her back on our friendship. But Even tho I might not be as big as my ex-tag partner, I have never backs down form the fight. Our battles have taken place all over West Tennessee, and have even spilled into Arkansas, and they are far from being over.

Parents : Momma Starr and Daddy Starr :-)
Siblings : I have one sister, who is married. They have 3 kids. My two nieces and nephew.
Pets : A dog name Sweetie.
Favorite Color : Purple
Favorite Food : Pizza and Cheeseburgers
Favorite Drink : Coke
Favorite Cartoon : Goofy
Favorite Movie : It’s a tie between Top Gun and Grease.
Tattoos : Yes I have two of them one on each ankle. On my left ankle I have a picture of Goofy with a star around him. And on my right ankle I have the design that is also on the side of some of my outfits. Note: Kids Tattoos are not for everyone I was 23 before I decide it was what I really wanted.

How did I get into wrestling?
I started watching wrestling when I was a kid. Down deep I always thought it would be cool to do this, but never thought too serious about it. Then when I was 18 years old, I went to a local show and from that point on I was hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to do. For two years I spent every other Saturday night at wrestling show.

How did I get started?
After talking for two years with one of the guys at the local show I went to, trying to get him to hook me up with a trainer, he finally did. BUT, there is always a BUT, it did not work out. One thing after another, I ended going through four different trainers, before finding one I thought was good. I finally found one that I thought would be a great teacher. They were good in ways, but it was actually about half a year of training before I found someone I could really call my trainers. And from that point there I have been with them. Cause I feel to be able to have someone train you, You first have to have respect for them. And the people who have been working with me I respect, I admire, I can call them friend, plus they know what they are talking about when it comes to the business. And that is something it took me 3 years to find.

Why do I do this?
This is a question I get asked ALL the time. WHY? When someone ask me that I, in return ask them. Why do you do the things you do? Cause you love it and that how I feel. I love everything about what I do. From the hard training, the bruises, the hurting, the driving hours to get to a show, only to get there to stay in a locker room for 2 to 3 hours, go out for your match that might last 10 minutes. and then drive 2 more hours to get home. For me its all worth it when a "fan" even if they are not a fan of mine, but just a wrestling fan in general. When that person comes up and says "Hey, that was so cool", "Good match", or my favorite one "Hey can I have your autograph?" Especially when a kid comes up and says it. That is the reason I do this. That is what makes all the work worth it. The fan’s that come to the shows are what keep me going, cause to hear that one person talking about me, or chanting my name, that my friend is a rush like no other. That is why I do this and love every minute of it.

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