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Here are some pictures of me in the ring against Angel in Gibson TN.

Here I am in my first match EVER. I was just hit with a Bullwhip and Angel got the 1.2.3...

Here I am in a tag team match, where I just almost knocked Angel out.

I just hiptosses Clarence Jr.

Here I am clotheslining Clarence Jr.

Here is a shot of me Bodyslamming Angel dunring a mix-tag match.

At a show in Dreston, after being attack from behind, I threw Angel into the ring and we started fighting.

At the show in Dreston, after going at it in the ring for a few mins. I decide to send Angel for a little ride over the top rope.

At the show in Dreston, after trowing her out of the ring, i tried grabing for her hair as V-man pulled her away.

After throwing Angel over the toprope I tried my best to get her back into the ring for a little more buttkicking. :-)

During a match where Angle and myself was both managing the rules for this match was we had to be Handcuffed together.