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Welcome to the Starr Report.

Well, this is not gonna be my favorite Starr Report to write, but I'm gonna write it anyhow. Last night, April 8th, I had a title match with Dakota. It was my title Vs her leaving MSWA forever. She might have beat me but it was not fairly. It all start at the beginning of the match. When the ref checked to make sure she did not have any type of foreign objects, he found a chain in her knee pad. Well, he told her she had to get rid of the chain or get a DQ. Well, Mini-D took the chain and I made the ref bar Mini-D from ring side. She tried everything she could to pin me, but I kicked out. Finally she got to deliver the TDF (chokeslam) BUT she knew I would use all the power I had left to kick out so she cheated by putting her feet on the rope's. Well, the ref did not see this, BUT the fan's and a friend by the name of PokerFace did see it. As Dakota had the belt and her little shadow was in the ring celebrating her "win". Poker came out and told the ref what happen, after asking the fan's also, the ref decided to restart the match. Well, I turned Dakota around gave her a big knee and hit the Starr Drop for the 1.2.3.. Well, after PokerFace, the fans and myself song that great song that goes Hey Hey Hey Good-bye well I thought I had ended the career of Dakota with MSWA. We headed to the back to start the celebration. Well, Dakota got on the mic and challenged me. She said if I was the fighting champion that I said I was, that I would step back into the ring for 5 more minutes. So being one that does not back down from a fight, I accepted. As I entered the ring she cut me off at the ropes and started kicking and hitting me, she threw me into the rope's and was going for a clothesline, but I ducked the clothesline turned around and started nailing her with forearm after forearm, till she was in the corner. Then after stomping a mud hole in her, the ref backed me off of her. At that point, Mini-D had handed her a chain. With the ref's back turned cause he was dealing with Mini-D, I turned around to be hit with one heck of a right hand that had a chain wrapped around it. Then she pinned me 1.2.3.. After getting up I told the ref what had happened, the fans told the ref but at that point I learned that when she called me out for the 5 more minutes. Well, she had said ANYTHING GOES, but I did not hear that part. I still would have got into the ring, but I would have paid a little more attention to what was going on, I never would have turned my back to her. So I'll admit she pulled one over on me. But will never be able to say she won the belt fairly. I hit the Starr Drop and got the 1.2.3...and she was gone from MSWA for good. But me being the type of champion that does not back down from a challenge went back out there. I guess thats my mistake I'll have to live with. Now I'm without the Women's Championship Belt, But it will not be for long. I will have the belt back where it belongs. We have a match coming up the 29th in Camden TN it was Title match where I was defending the title against Dakota, well know its still a title match, I'm just not walking in with the belt, but I will walk out with it. I will say I got a little pay back on Dakota Saturday night. In the main event she was managing her guys along with Mini-D, well I went out with Southern Pride and Miss Dixie. Well, at the end after Southern Pride won, Dixie went after Mini-D and I went after Dakota. I tapped Dakota on the shoulder and when she turned around I hit her with a chain just so she would know how it feels. And I have to say it felt oh so nice knocking her on her butt.
Also this past week I had an interview put in a wrestling online newsletter. I was a greatly honored when Lekihsa Faith Oliver from www.wrestling-online.com asked to do a interview with me. I have added it to the website in case you would like to read it. And I just want to say to any of my fan's reading this, I really do appreciate your support, it means a lot to me.
Till next time, and remember never give up on your dreams,

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