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Welcome to the Starr Report.

This is just a little place I can speak my mind on what's going on, so lets get started. Lets start by going back a little to February 6th, 2000. I made my return to MSW cause I got a call saying there was some trouble going on that I needed to take care of. My ex-tag team partner, Dakota, was causing trouble by interfering in matches and they wanted me to help keep her in line. Well, Dakota and myself have had our battles and they are far from over and the next time we meet is this coming up Sunday, March 5th. This Sunday I have my first title shot in a battle royal against 3 other ladies. this title shot is what makes everything I have worked for seem worth it. But its not gonna be easy. Not only do I have to face Dixie and Auburn form Southern Pride, these are two up and coming girls in the business. But I have to worry about the 6'2" Dakota. Dixie and Auburn I have said it before and I'm gonna say it again, If you ever need a hand just give me a call, BUT this Sunday its everyone for themselves. I'm just like the everyone else stepping into the ring I'm out to win. And now lets talk about Dakota. Today she got a little surprise, she thought it was gonna be them handing her the title but she found out the hard way it was them handcuffing her and on the other side of the handcuff was me. Today in Huntingdon, I'll admit she took me to the limits. Dakota hit me with a chain, dragged me with a rope that was around my hand, then wrapped the rope around my throat and tried choking me out. Her "boys" tried hitting me with a chair till my friends Redneck and NBN came into help me. then later we were back out there, and once again she tried interfering my throwing a chain in to Austin. Well, I showed her and the fans that I'm not afraid of Dakota. I was giving her the beating she deserved when from behind her "boy" had to grab me by my hair, hit me, then tried to brake my leg with a chair. But did that stop me NO. I still never backed down from her. And this Sunday is not gonna be any different. I might not be 100% but I'm gonna give this match all I can. I want to be a champion that the fans of MSW can be proud of, but if I win or if I lose I am gonna make sure Dakota is not gonna walk out with that belt. so Dakota bring everything with you to that ring, cause you might be bigger and you might me tough but I'm not gonna back down from you. Cause its like I always say When the Starr starts to shine......It's @$$ kicking time. And your the top on my list.
Till next time,