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Welcome to the Starr Report.

Well, this issues of the Starr Report I'm gonna enjoy writing. On Sunday, March 5th, I was in a battle Royal in Gibson, TN to crown the First Ever MSW Women's Champion. Even tho it was not how I had hope to win the match, I'm happy to say I became the 1st ever Women's Champion. Now to let you know why it was not how I had hoped to win the match. In the battle royal it was Venom, Dixie, Auburn, and myself in the ring when Dakota came out there doing what she does best, running her mouth. She started talking about Dixie's and Auburn's friendship, which had them get in it with each other. Then she even had me not trusting them. So in the middle of the ring there was the three of us going at it, when Venom decided to get involve. Well, Dakota finally entered the ring, proud of what she had done. Once I saw her, I went right for her. It was a back and forth match between us. After several minutes she finally got the upper hand on me, she suplexed me (almost out of the ring). At that point Dixie had climbed the turnbuckle and jumped on Dakota, Auburn came up with a drop kick to Dixie's back which caused Dakota to fall down. All four of us took that chance to pin her for the 1.2.3.. But she was not finished she went right after Dixie. Venom and myself throw Auburn into the rope and was going for a double clothesline, but Auburn ducked it but was pulled over the top rope by Ricky Murdock (one of Dakota's boy's). At that time Dakota hit's me from behind causing me to knock Venom and Dixie down. Then she pulls me over to the corner and tries handcuffing me to the ring, but her plan backfired cause she ended up being handcuffed by me. from there Dixie and myself threw Venom over the top rope, this left the two of us. I had Dixie right where I wanted her, I had threw her into the corner (just so happened to be the corner Dakota was in) and was going for the Falling Starr Splash, when Dakota pulled the ref into the way. I knocked Dixie and the ref out. When I turned around I was hit with a chain. Somehow Dakota was free from the handcuffs, she entered the ring chokeslammed Dixie, then chokeslammed me. And then this is where it gets very strange, she places me on top of Dixie wakes the ref up so I get the 1.2.3.... and become the Women's Champion. Then while I'm still knocked out from the chain shot and the chokeslam she attacks me again. Auburn enters the ring, but only to turn her back on the fan's and her friends to help Dakota attack us.
Well, I'm still not sure what is up with Auburn. All I know is that she crossed her friend Dixie, and then she crossed me. Auburn, I'm gonna give you some piece's of advice. Dakota will not watch your back, she will turn on you after she uses you to get what she wants. But for your sakes you better hope she does watch your back, cause I'm gonna be looking for you. And you better hope I don't get my hands on your little neck cause I will not be held responsible for what happens.
Now Dakota, you say the only way I can win is with your help. Well, everyone in Gibson saw I had the match under control till you stuck your nose in it. But I can't change what happened. But the one thing I can say, is I'm looking forward to stepping into the ring with you in a 1-on-1 match cause I will show everyone that I am the 1st and only women's champion in MSW. I will not back down from you, Dixie, Auburn, Venom, or anyone else that want's a shot at my belt. Because I'm gonna be a fighting champion, and I'm gonna be a champion the MSW fan's can be proud of. And even tho you should not be the #1 contender, you should not even be the #2 or #3, it seem the MSW commissioner has put you as the #1 contender for MY belt. But that's fine, cause I'm a fighting champ. So anytime, anywhere just bring it on. Cause I promise I'll walk into that ring with by belt and I'll walk out of the ring with my belt.
Cause this is the Starr's time to Shine.......
So it's @$$ Kicking Time.........

Till next time,

Starr Report From 2/27/00

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