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Welcome to the Starr Report.

Welcome to another issue of the Starr Report. A lot has happen in the last few week's. I have started working some for a new organization, NWA Midsouth/WOWF in Dyersburg. It has been a lot of fun working up there, the fans and the crew there are great. I'm still the MSWA champion. This Saturday night I have a title match against Dakota, and its a Title Vs Dakota leaving MSWA for good match. Lets go back to this past Sunday to tell how this match was set up. We had a tag match with Miss Dixie and myself against Dakota and Mini-D. Well Dakota had said on the Internet she was not gonna wrestle. Well, after I got to the ring and saw that Mini-D was there and Dakota was no where around, I called her out. I was determined she would at least be ring side, and if she did not come out of the dressing room I was going back there to get her. Well, she finally came out and sit ringside watching. I let Dixie take Mini-D on. After Mini-D had all she wanted, she decided to get out of the ring for a break. well without Dakota knowing it, I had six of my wrestling friends watching and they came out threw her into the ring for me to get a piece of. Well, the plan worked cause this made her mad, which is what I wanted, I knew she would get into the ring then. Well, After a few arm drags I threw her over the top rope. She finally got back in, the match went on back and forth between the two teams till I finally hit the Starr Drop (DDT) on Dakota, and pinned her 1.2.3....
Well, as you can guess this made her even madder. She got on the mic and called me back out. She said she would pin my shoulder Saturday or she would leave MSWA for good. Well, all I have to say is I hope everyone comes out to Dresden on the 8th cause its gonna be Dakota's last match in MSWA, cause I'm gonna hit the Starr Drop once again and get the 1.2.3.... then the celebration is gonna start in Dresden as we all sing HEY HEY HEY GOOD-BYE... To Dakota.
I'll be back next week to tell how the celebration went.
Take care.

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